my new laptop

Yes, I got a new electronic device!

Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop

I am very happy with my new Lenovo laptop. It’s beautiful. It’s fast. It works well. It’s a good size (13.3 inches). It’s powerful. And portable. It also functions as a tablet. It has a touchscreen. And I can use it in the dark (it has a backlit keyboard).

Before I bought my Lenovo laptop, I researched all the laptops in my chosen category. I decided on this one. And, I was able to see it, and touch it, in person, at my favorite electronics store:
It is a very high quality electronic device.

I spend a lot of time on my Lenovo laptop, happily, doing emails, getting the news, on facebook, doing research, posting on my blogs, writing my books, watching Netflix. I am very glad I bought this laptop. It even helps my creativity. A lot.

I love love love my new Lenovo laptop.

And I got it on sale! It was a lot cheaper than a MacBook. A lot cheaper.

In fact, I like it so much, I am now officially affiliated with Lenovo! However, for authenticity and honesty, I want you to know I wrote this post before I became affiliated.