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  • World population = 7.7 billion.
  • 30% are overweight or obese.
  • That means has a potential world market of 2.5 billion people.

Main purpose
The main purpose of this site is to encourage the free preview and subsequent download of valuable useful information, proven practical techniques which show how to lose weight. My program is a basic weight loss starter program - because the hardest parts of losing weight are getting started ... and not relapsing ... and I wanted to make that as easy and simple as possible. And free to implement! Then, once people start losing weight with my simple program, they may wish to spend some money and switch to one of the more complicated major weight loss and/or health and fitness programs.

Meanwhile, I get hundreds of thousands of pageviews.

This site was created for a higher purpose; to show people a simple, easy and FREE way to lose weight, and improve their life, to gain more positive control over their self, and their life. As a longtime "life improvement" author, having created more than 20 published life improvement books, that's what I do: I help people improve their life. That is my life purpose.

This is not a typical blog or website
Because it doesn't have to be. For instance, I am not adding lots of posts, etc. I am not using the latest online marketing fads (many of which may annoy and/or trap the visitor). I am not developing and utilizing my own conventional social media, or getting lots of repeat visitors or followers. Because I don't have to. I am using outside marketing to generate visitors, pageviews and downloads, to reach more than 2 billion potential visitors and users worldwide.

Major attributes of this site are simplicity and authenticity,  authenticity being one of the most highly valued things in today's online consumer marketing.

I welcome everyone who wants to help me help people improve their lives. And lose weight 4 free.

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