Good Deed

I am a good deed doer. I like to help people. Helping others is a major spiritual desire that humans have. I have it. You have it. A good deed counts. It matters. It makes us feel good to help others, it fills us up, it gladdens the heart, it feeds the soul. And it helps others.

To help others. That's why I created this site, to help people lose weight, and why I developed my proven simple, easy weight loss method. That's why I wrote more than 20 life improvement books. To help others. And that's why I urge YOU to do a good deed: and tell others about my weight loss site and help me help people lose weight.

You can help. You can do a good deed
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And/or you can:
personally tell your family members, friends and co-workers, or anyone you know who wants to lose weight, about this site.

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I want to reach more people. Millions more people. 
But advertising costs money. You can help.  Please help.

Make a donation, a Good Deed Donation. Any amount. 

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Thank you. Thank you for your good deed. I thank you, your soul thanks you.